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Meet The Running Lab!

Tyler & Alexis Kneer


Tyler and Alexis, both from Evansville and now happily married, are on a mission to give your pup the workout of a lifetime! Their love for animals, especially dogs, combined with their passion for fitness and adventure, drives them to create an unforgettable experience for your furry companion.


These two avid dog lovers have explored every corner of the United States alongside their adventurous pug, Mr. Ricky Ricardo. From the majestic mountains of Colorado to the rugged trails of Arizona, and even the bustling streets of DC, Tyler and Alexis bring Rick along for every journey.

Mr. Ricky Ricardo

Official Running Lab Mascot

Beware of being deceived by Ricky's inherent Pug instincts! He's perpetually in motion, eager to sprint, leap, explore, and engage in playful activities! Above all, Ricky is ever-ready for mealtime!

Ricky spends his days making sure that his Mom and Dad stay on track building his business and isn't afraid to crack the whip when the times get tough! 

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